this cutlery thing

i have been a little lapse in my drawings a day, (don’t you just hate resolutions?) but i did this one in my sketchbook last month and hadn’t posted it yet….where am I going with these things. strangely enough forks, spoons and knives have been in my work for years for various reasons. and – my wire and pulp pieces look like little mummies! which is kind of what I am- ha. just delirious because it is 4:35 am and I here in front of my computer rather than in my warm cozy bed. both boys were sick during the night and even though they are both finally asleep I found myself thinking about my latest “what were you thinking…?” event. Scott is turning 50 this weekend and I am having a party for him at the house….the list of families seems to be growing and I haven’t figured out yet where I am putting everyone and what I am feeding them…. oh well.

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  1. Daz Cox
    April 3, 2008

    cool sketch, does it have any symbolic meaning? if it was purely random then it might!

    and yeah, nothing like forcing your creativity to mess you up! art resolutions like ‘i’ll draw something every day’ just tend to make you feel guilty when you dont!

    No need to force art, just let it happen…


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