Intuitive Drawing

Painter and mixed media artist, Shari Epstein writes this week’s post for our Artist as Collector series.
Charcoal on paper
10″ x 10″
Collection of Shari Epstein

Meri Bourgard has one of the most fascinating processes to produce her drawings. 

It is entirely intuitive. She begins with gestural marks which she accentuates or erases at will. Eventually something emerges from the surface–a hand, a head, an object. She then develops it by feeling what it is attached to or in what environment it rests. Often these images seem like they are from times past–a woman in a long dress or wearing a hat. Her drawings seem to me like ghosts that she has captured and expressed on paper. 


  1. Donna Iona Drozda
    February 6, 2012

    Like spirit forms…seen through a mist…I live on the water and I can imagine this level of vaporous transparency merging with the morning fog…lovely etheric work.

  2. Nanci Hersh
    February 8, 2012

    Thank you Donna for taking the time to comment on Meri’s work… as an artist and water person your connection to the possibilities that manifest in art and life is much appreciated.

    I hope that you will be a guest blogger in this series as well. Would love to see what’s on your walls near the water!


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