All Hung Up- Part 1

Midway through my exhibition at the Siegel JCC ArtSpace in Wilmington, Delaware, I thought I would post installation shots for all of you who live out of town or weren’t able to make the show- yet. It is up through May 9, 2013.
Statement and Bait, 2013
Acrylic, graphite, spray paint, collage on paper
60″ x 42″
photo by Dain Simon 

Entering the space from the lobby, the exhibition begins with this sign and large drawing on your left. 

My statement above reads:
Koi are a symbol of perseverance and strength of purpose.

My work is an ongoing exploration of what sustains us when adversity challenges us,
what moves us forward and binds us to the past and, what we find and keep and what
we leave behind. Akin to love and loss, images and materials swim together, drift, snag
and cast shadows shifting above and below the surface.

Seemingly unexpected connections emerge to reveal the fragility, beauty and grace of
our lives.

After Bait, you come to this corner…
(l) Deep Blue with Red, acrylic on Canvas, 36″ x 48″,
Koi #6, acrylic on board, 16″ x 16″
Hanging by a Thread, Wire, pulp, encaustic, collage, 54″ x 10″ x 10″
Kaleidoscope, Acrylic on canvas, 42′ x 54″
photo by Dain Simon 
And the exhibition continues down the wall.
photo by Dain Simon 
After Kaleidoscope are two new small 10″ x 10″ canvases.
All that Is, 2013
Oil, acrylic on canvas with wrapped and painted edges
10″ x 10″
photo by Dain Simon 
All that Is II, 2013
Oil, acrylic on canvas with wrapped and painted edges
10″ x 10″
photo by Dain Simon 
There is more down the line which I will post another day.  
oh- and when you visit the gallery- be sure and sign the guest book I created for the show.
photo by Dain Simon 
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