Unlocking the Heart

California based artist Teresa Beyer is this week’s guest artist for our Artist as Collector Series.

“Deep Waters” 
8×8 inches, acrylic on panel
©2013Theresa Bayer, Austin, Texas

The artist is Theresa Bayer.
I am Teresa Beyer.

(Confused? Read on…)

I found the work of Theresa Bayer through DailyPaintWorks, an online gallery where we developed a friendship Having never met her in person, I ordered this painting through her blog.  It was a pleasure to receive it.   Theresa had wrapped it like a gift and included a little plastic fish for fun. 

Last year as newlyweds my husband and I moved from AZ to TX, but I soon found myself completely abandoned in TX.  Married for less than a year, I  divorced him and moved again to CA, to be with my grandchildren, friends and family.

My heart has been broken and is now closed while I heal and nurture myself. The key is learning to love myself, completely and totally.  I feel this happening as I am surrounded by the love of friends and family, my two dogs, and our abundant nature. 

I don’t know though if anyone will ever again unlock my heart. 

Will the fish be able to unlock this heart? Maybe the octopus can help
Teresa Beyer is a painter living and working in California. 


  1. Teresa Beyer
    January 28, 2013

    Nanci ~ thank you so much for this support to artist all over the globe.

  2. Nanci Hersh
    February 5, 2013

    @Teresa… thank you for being a part of this. Please tell your friends about it… always looking for new artists to guest blog.


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