To the Touch- Artist as Collector

Arizona based artist Becky Joy is this week’s guest blogger for the Artist as Collector Series.
Spirit of the Senses
©Vala Ola

I LOVE sculpture. This is a favorite piece of sculpture by a friend, sculptor and painter, Vala Ola that I acquired through a trade, with me paying for the casting cost. Vala is a master with design. 

I had been admiring this as she was sculpting it and was overwhelmed when she said she wanted to trade for one of my sunset paintings.

I love to touch sculpture and feel where the artist moved the clay and how the fingers and hands fit into the piece. I can tell that Vala’s hands are close to the same size as mine by the feel. To me that is a real connection with the work.

When we made the trade, I cried I was so happy with it. Later Vala was admiring a small plein air painting of mine and I gave that to her. I felt the sculpture deserved another painting and besides, she’s a good friend.

Becky Joy is a painter known for her glowing light and colors in her work. A teacher and a traveler she leads painting workshops all over the world.


  1. Becky Joy
    February 2, 2014

    Thank You Nanci for the blog post. It is a beautiful piece of sculpture to view.

  2. Nanci Hersh
    February 8, 2014

    Thank you for introducing us to Vala Ola’s work @BeckyJoy…. I can certainly see how you can appreciate the line and form in her work. How lucky for you to live with it!
    Thanks for being a part of this series.


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