Time Check- in My Drawers

Time Check- in My Drawers

Day #10 of What’s in My Drawers.

My Crow Series was a response to moving back to the east coast after living in California and Hawaii for many years. I moved in March after finishing graduate school and with the hopes of avoiding a winter one last time. Happily remarried, reunited with family and old friends was wonderful, but I was missing my deep connection to the natural beauty of the islands- and all my friends there. And I remember staring out the window watching the crows. their dark beauty in contrast to the relentless snow of the following year (!) I also admired and wanted to channel their strength and tenacity.

Collograph print on hand made paper ©NanciHersh

Time Check
collograph on handmade paper with inclusions, collage.
21″ x 15.5″

Time Check has a crow leaving the nest made of natural plant fibers and collaged with small papers I made out of cotton fibers and grocery store fliers. I sent these small papers to the women in my family; mother, mother in law, aunts and sister in law for them to use to write their t0-do lists on. The lists were returned to me, just as crows return – to their roots.


  1. Tracy
    December 10, 2014

    Crows recognize human faces. Such intelligent creatures. Love this piece!

    • Nanci Hersh
      December 10, 2014

      Wow. I do that they are intelligent but don’t think I knew that they could recognize human faces. The more I learn about them them, the more they inspire me. Thank you Tracy!


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