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I want to make note of something I wrote to a student of mine after reading his thoughts on making art ( futile, frustrating, and other art school trauma scars):

I “hear” that you are “scarred” from your (former art school) experience – that said – “MOVE ON!” You have a sharp mind conceptually and intellectually, are definitely capable technically, so LET GO of all the “stuff” and just dig. I would rather see you take a risk in our remaining short time together. Heck – there are times I think maybe I’ll “stop being an artist” and do something else, rather than fall short of my own expectations, but I keep showing up… because when you get down to it the act of creating is exhilarating.

Remembering these thoughts will also be helpful when I find my old demons raging against me!

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  1. Daz Cox
    April 3, 2008

    yup, as David Wilcock says “The more you create, the more you are The Creator”

    Sometimes you just need a break from a particular form of art, try a different form, music or weaving or something!


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