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Looking at my home, studio, and gardens through the lens of ‘works in progress,’ and process as the journey… From that perspective I see that all that I do is part of being creative. In clearing out my studio I came across an email that a friend sent several years ago that I saved. The title of the email is 100 Hundred Ways to Survive as an Artist- Without Cutting off your Ear. (helpful, indeed!) Many of the reminders resonate- especially when at times I think that I am not “making enough art” whatever the heck that means. It’s just one of the “squirrels in my head” (thank you Christian for that expression – along with so MANY other yogi lessons, on and off the mat! anyway, here’s my quote from the email for the day….

#2 – The fact that you are making anything at all is a huge triumph!

Truly, with all that pulls at us in so many directions internally and externally- I can claim victory for at least another day!

By the way, that fabulous concrete Scottie Dog on my front walk way is by Hawaii based artist,
Jodi Endicott.

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  1. Darren Daz Cox
    May 21, 2008

    I don’t worry about the down time, sometimes art has to percolate in your head for a while.

    Whenever I don’t finish a project I think of the greatest procrastinated art project of all time, the Medici tombs by Michelangelo, generations lived and died in the time he was working on them!


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