Showing Up

One thing you can count on this time of year is the proliferation of suggestions of how to approach the new year- tips and such for self improvement, setting goals and resolutions. Some may have merit, others are fun to read and still more…whatever, you can pick and choose.

One that I am putting out there and taking in is….
1. Showing up. whether it is my studio, my yoga mat, the pool (for getting in a routing on those laps) or being present with my family, it all begins simply with that.

And, with that, here I am, showing up at my blog. Committing to showing up, being present, and who knows, where it will all lead to. But as the title of a beautiful book that I was gifted years ago, suggests….
The Journey is the Destination (the journals of Dan Eldon, edited by Kathy Eldon, Chronicle Books)

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