Seeing Red

New Year. New Post. And for guest blogger, painter Denise Bellon West – in the coming days, New Home and Studio.

Here’s Denise’s selection for this week’s Artist as Collector Series.  As you can see, the painting is off the wall and ready to be crated for the move to its new home.

Phase Blanket
Acrylic on Canvas
©2012David DeVary

I knew I had to have this painting the moment I saw it. I saw the color, it made me gasp, and that was that. The blanket was bright red; the woman was beautiful; she was blond (being one, I’m maybe a little partial to blonds); the stripes and angles energized the painting for me. But mainly, it was that RED!!! Or maybe the stripes!! No, it was the beautiful blond woman, with her coy look!! No, the red!! 
In fact, it was all those things.  It was painted just for me. 
It was priced VERY high, for me, (heck, my first car – a Toyota Celica – cost less than this, brand new!), but I knew I had at least that much in my checking account. I didn’t care. I should have haggled on the price, at least a little (I will never hear the end of it from my daughter and my husband, who were with me at the time and thought I’d lost my mind!). But all I could think of was that I wanted to see this painting every day. It would excite my eyes every time I saw it.

         That was several years ago, and it still does. 
         Thank you, David DeVary for the spark this painting adds to my life.  

Good luck in your new home Denise!

What work of art adds spark in your life? 


  1. Denise Bellon West
    January 3, 2012

    OMG, I can’t believe I’m actually leaving my house! But having my art collection with me will keep me sane. I’ll talk to you once the dust settles!

  2. Nanci Hersh
    January 3, 2012

    Can’t wait to see what inspires you in the coming months. Happy trails my friend! Looking forward to hearing from you soon!


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