Passionately and Energetically

Passionately and Energetically
Spring 2017 Card Nanci Hersh

New Card! Spring 2017 Home School (detail), ©NanciHersh, card design: Caryl Felicetta, Think Plan C, Photography: Christian Kaye

Gratitude expressed, passionately and energetically. Mapping out a place for an energetic expression of gratitude as I navigate the spectrum of human emotions and experience.

say what?


Spring 2017 card back with contact info

I love how my design guru Caryl uses a ghost image of the card for the back.

I am grateful to be here  to sit with, and experience the joy, anxiety, and hope I experience as a woman, a mother, artist, and citizen of this beautiful, complicated, crazy world.

It’s all good, even when it ain’t easy. but hey… “no complaining from the yacht”!!!

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