The second exhibition at Emerge Wellness, curated by TJ Walsh
Closing Reception and Party: Wednesday, September 18, 2019
Join us this summer as we ponder how pain in our journey can lead to growth and strength in our lives. Lean in. Plant down. Grow up., the new exhibition at Emerge Wellness, curated by TJ Walsh discovers how we can explore, learn and change our situations so that we can become stronger through our pain. It is our hurt that can crack us open and let the light in. It is our pain that can help move us towards living a more deeply fulfilling life.
This group exhibition features work by 12 Philadelphia area artists: Joanna Bellettiere, Josephine Figlia, Ava Hartline, Nanci Hersh, Anna Kocher, Laura Lippay, Brian Palmieri, addyeB, Laura Storck, Mae Trexler, Pamela Tudor, and TJ Walsh.

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For more info, please contact nancihersh@gmail.com or call 732-241-0369