Hawaii Calls- Artist as Collectors #6

A.Kimberlin Blackburn and I first met many years ago when we were given a show together at the Art Loft in Honolulu, which has sinced evolved into Fine Art Associates.  Kim has her own unique visual language, seeped in nature, mystery and lore.  She works with a variety of materials from paint to beads to fibre- all richly colored, textural and magical.
When I left the islands to get married and return to my Jersey roots Kim gifted Scott and I a wedding present; artwork of hers -my choice.  Fittingly, the painting that I chose is titled Hawaii Calls for You.  The right choice she said, as she knew that regardless of where we live, Hawaii would always call.

She was right. This piece reminds me of our friendship,  a place I will always love, and Kim’s commitment to her own voice as an artist.

The power of art- to inspire, evoke and remind us of who and what we love.
What is hanging on your walls?
Email me a jpg and a few lines about what art is in your collection and why it inspires you.


  1. Tatiana Garmendia
    December 12, 2011

    Since the studio is the public area of our apartment, I actually took down most of the art that wasn’t ours this summer. This way,we’re ready for studio visits. But we’ve kept some of our favorite pieces up in our bedroom. Of these, the one I look at before I go to sleep each night and wake to is probably the most inspirational and reminds me that all lovers feel as my husband and I do- like we’re one. It’s a litho by Ben Shahn of a couple kissing. I’m a mac person and don’t know html, but here’s slink that shows the print.


  2. Nanci Hersh
    December 13, 2011

    Tatiana, May I post your Ben Shahn and your comment about the piece on my blog as part of the Artist as Collectors series? I will have your name as a hot link to your website. From what I know about Feng Sui- having this image in your bedroom is a lovely reminder for your marriage… and leaving the rest of your walls for your work for studio visits is good business,

  3. Tatiana Garmendia
    December 14, 2011

    Absolutely! I love Ben Shahn’s wonderful scraggly line quality. Hope others get turned on to him.

    Speaking of collections, I have a huge collection of prints, most of them from exchanges. I remember you mentioning somewhere that you’d printed. There’s a great site if you’re interested in doing that kind of thing: http://printexchanges.blogspot.com/

    I did the Cascade Print Exchange last year. The print you contribute gets printed in a catalog, is exhibited, becomes a part of the university’s permanent collection, PLUS you get back the loveliest images. No cost, just SASE. If it sounds good to you and your readers, it’s listed half-way down the page in that URL.


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