Exuding Authenticity- Artist as Collector

Florida based artist Jim Carpenter is this week’s guest blogger for our Artist as Collector Series.
Sandra J. Hadley
It’s All About Me
Charcoal on paper
20″ x 16″ (matted and framed)
Sandra’s paintings in charcoal have long enthralled me with their uncanny ability to ignite my senses. 

I saw the sunflower on the table in Sandra’s studio just as she was preparing to frame it for a show, and found myself spontaneously, cheerfully, talking to it: 

“Well, LOOK at YOU!” I said,  as if it were a living creature waiting to be adored. 
It was, in fact, love at first sight. I asked her what she was going to name it and she said, “Either ‘Here’s Looking At You’ or ‘It’s All About Me.’” I said, “If you name it ‘It’s All About Me’ I’ll buy it.  

The truth is, I would have bought it no matter what she titled it. 

I know that the phrase “it’s all about me” has its detractors, but for me it is a reminder that you can’t paint authentically from anyone else’s heart but your own.  This sunflower expresses that sentiment; it radiates confidence, joy, authenticity, and exudes a sense of being totally present and in the moment. 

My house is full of art created by others, but Sandra’s painting is the only work by another artist that hangs in my studio. 
Jim Carpenter is a painter living and working in the Gainesville, Florida area. His work addresses a multitude of themes and imagery that tend to run throughout his work: the theatre, dance, spirituality, and family among others.


  1. Karen F. Rose
    April 10, 2013

    Love both Jim and Sandra’s artwork. Two very talented artists!

  2. Sarah Bachhuber Peroutka
    April 11, 2013

    I found Jim’s comments about presence and authenticity meaningful in light of things I’m thinking about today. What a serendipitous message! Thank you, Universe! (…and Jim…and Nanci…)

  3. Nanci Hersh
    April 15, 2013

    Karen… and you know both of them- lucky you! Gainesville must be a very inspiring place to claim all three of you!

    Sarah…So glad the timing of this post was meaningful to you. Thanks for commenting. I look forward to seeing what is in your collection Sarah!

  4. Jim Carpenter
    April 22, 2013

    Nanci, thank you for inviting me to be a guest blogger in this series, and for giving me an opportunity to write about one of my very favorite artists.
    I am reminded of how our world expands through the internet too – our network – what was 2 degrees of separation (Karen, Jim, Sandra, Nancy) is now 1 degree. 🙂 Do we say “small world” when our world is expanding?

  5. Nanci Hersh
    April 23, 2013

    @JimCarpenter… So glad you were a part of the series. I love the small world, 6th degree of separation connections. The reason I created this series is so we discover our connectedness. Hope this will inspire others to contribute and do the same.

    Thanks Jim!


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