Day 4 – Hawaii

Home.  That word can carries so much weight,  shifting and changing with  location, state of mind. Some of us never leave and some of us find that even when we do leave, the minute we return it’s as if we never left.  And for me, it is more than one place. Jersey, PA, Hawaii… be it ever so humble there is no place like…. Paradise.  

Scott under the rainbow in one of my favorite places
Ali’i Beach Park Hale’iwa
Home… even if its a house you are sitting for (complete with dog)
Thanks to generous friends with the aloha spirit who love to travel off island.
It’s also fun to share the adventue with a friend-
Griffin brought along his bff from PA- Justin.
Skim boarding the first morning

Nate, Justin and Griffin on top of Waimea Rock- and all 3
did the jump!

Here’s the link to Nate taking the plunge.

And Nanci here, is a happy camper, I surfed this picture perfect morning… and we are off to town for more sun and surf.  Watercolors and pad in tow as well.



  1. KFRose
    June 27, 2012

    Home…there is no place like home. Nanci I have never been to Hawaii and I am loving seeing your pictures. I am so happy that you are there with your familiy and that you are reconnecting with such beauty. Enjoy my friend

  2. bill
    June 27, 2012

    1.Great writing, Nanci!
    2.I have a very powerful soul connection with Hawaii.
    3. Even had an unusual experience here in nj recently regarding HI.
    4.Still read your “provocative proposition” that you wrote.
    5.Joined the “Big C” club myself.
    6.It’s all so sweet!
    7. Mahalo!

  3. Nanci Hersh
    June 29, 2012

    @KFRose Glad that you are enjoying the photos. I do feel such a connection to this place in every way.
    1. Thank you!
    2. there is something profound about this place
    3. would love to hear more about it
    5. please remind me what I wrote
    5. sorry to hear that, hope you are healing
    6. it is
    7. Mahalo to you as well


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