Carolyn’s Roopalees

Author and photographer, Carolyn Viens recently commissioned me to paint her Roopalees. 

“I found my Roopalee sandals shortly after I moved to Singapore, in a tiny little shop in Little India. The Indian women wear these sandals along with their gorgeous multi-colors saris and bangles.  I discovered Asia with my Roopalees, roaming through the side streets of Saigon, the back alleys of Kuala Lumpur and the beaches of Bali.  Nanci’s painting perfectly captured the comfort, beauty and uniqueness of my favorite  sandals along with the kilometers they covered in my explorations” 

Carolyn’s Roopalees, 2011
Acrylic on canvas
10″ x 10″

Girls just want to have fun.


  1. Karen F. Rose
    August 25, 2011

    Nanci love your rich color choices for this painting and the sense that these roopalees are well so well traveled. You have captured wonderful memories for Carolyn.

  2. Nanci Hersh
    August 27, 2011

    Thank you Karen, commissions always have the possibilities of being both fun and challenging in that we want to create a work of art that speaks to both the artist and the patron.


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