5 Year Anniversary!

It’s all good! Today is my 5 year anniversary since my cancer surgery… and what a journey it has been. The past 5 years have been about the cancer one way or another it seems- the healing, the work- the Art of Survival, and collaborating with my cousin Ellen on our book, Butterfly Kisses and Wishes on Wings, and above all the incredible people in my life: family, friends, doctors, artists….. And today it is all about GRATITUDE. 5 years later here I am alive and healthy with my husband and children, surrounded by family and friends AND it was a record setting warm day (how that makes my heart SING!) so off to yoga I went with my friend, neighbor and fellow yogi – Millie. As always, Christian’s class is the perfect blend of butt-kicking challenge, heart opening inspiration and humor. As I practiced my asanas I focused on gratitude and will try and continue to hold that in my heart.

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  1. Ellen McVicker
    January 9, 2008

    Dear Nanci,

    Somehow I feel that I don’t always convey to you how I truly feel about your milestones with cancer. Perhaps it is because I am not sure how I should react or what is appropriat eto say – so for now, I will tell you that I know it is your strong belief and spirit that drives you to wherever you are in life. You are true inspiration to me and to many, many others who are fortunate to know you. Here’s to many more wonderful years of health and finding inner peace and contentment. With love, and great respect – Ellen


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