Finding Beauty in a Box

Finding Beauty in a Box

Getting Reflection Pond, a recent commissioned diptych (2 panel painting) packed and ready for shipping to Hawaii was an art in itself.

Photo of painting in box

Like a glove. Perfect fit. Box built for commissioned painting- Destination Hawaii

Reflection Pond, detail right panel. Acrylic, spray paint on canvas. ©NanciHersh

Reflection Pond, detail right panel. Each panel- 30″x40″ x 2″Acrylic, spray paint on canvas. ©NanciHersh

While packing and shipping art is something I have done before (just recently sent work to Cedar Street Galleries in Honolulu) I opted to hire artist and museum Preparator (a.k.a Art Handler) Stephen Ruszkowski to pack this commission due to its size and value. I’m all for self reliance and saving money, but hey I know how to clean the bathroom but I like leaving that to the experts as well. (and I don’t mean my teenage sons!) For those of you who do want info on packing and shipping an acrylic painting, Golden Paints has this informative video.

Before Steve arrived, I wrapped each canvas with glassine, a smooth, acid free paper that comes in a roll and is grease and water resistant. I had the paintings face to face with a piece of corrugated cardboard cut to size between them.

Steve built the box before he arrived, based on the dimensions I had given him.  Then, after laying down a heavy moving blanket on my studio floor, he wrapped the paintings first in a heavy poly plastic, followed by bubble wrap and placed it in his box which fit like a glove! Impressive. Then he sealed up all the sides of the box with layers of packing tape and crisscrossed the tape over front and back. All this done with Dini the dog overseeing the project!

painting of a box.

The completed packaged paintings in their beautiful box.

Watching his efficiency and craftsmanship was a beautiful thing.



  1. delona seserman
    March 29, 2016

    Great post Nanci !
    I completely agree with hiring a professional to get the best result when you dealing with valuable art . Steve ‘s expertise is unquestionable. We are lucky to have him around !

    • Nanci Hersh
      March 30, 2016

      Thank you Delona, it’s great to have peace of mind knowing the job was done right – and by a great guy. We are fortunate- and it’s good to remember that local museums are wonderful resources for all sorts of things, and people.


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